Krisolyte Productions

Krisolyte Productions

Providing multi-media services for Central Maine and beyond!

Video Production, Graphic & Web design, Audio, Photography and Artist Representation  

Krisolyte Productions is a multimedia production company based in Central Maine. Our company frequently collaborates with small businesses and individuals to help develop brand image and consistency using a variety of multimedia platforms: graphic design, web design, photography, video and audio. Understanding the importance of individuality, Krisolyte Productions strives to work closely with clients to insure that each client’s message is clearly understood and heard. Krisolyte Productions aims to produce every project with high quality professionalism.

Krisolyte Productions offers a variety of different services in website and graphic design, video and music production photography, artist representation, and artist development. Please email for more information.

Krisolyte Productions client list includes: Maine After School Network, Positive Youth Development Institute, 21st Century Learning, New York State Afterschool Network, Vermont Afterschool Inc., Go Permits LLC, Doug Frati – Art, Kristyn Murphy, Abbie Stands,  Rhiannon Lambert, John L. Murphy – Author, Nightingale.

Krisolyte Productions Photography

Brand Consistency is Important!

Building and maintaining brand constancy is important to any business, as it is the foundation for recognition and success. A brand is a combination of things: logo, words, phrases, type font, colors, personality, design, service and more. One of the first things that happens when somebody hears a new name is that they immediately forget it. Studies show that it takes at least 7 times for a person to comprehend and digest an ad. It is important therefore, to maintain the same “look” and “feel” throughout different mediums: brochures, websites, business cards, videos etc. Krisolyte Productions works with clients to build brand consistency. Think of how much easier it will be to remember your business if somebody: sees your TV ad, then picks up a business card, reads your brochure, and then visits a website that all are visually similar? Already, that is 4 times a person is seeing your business’ brand. Let us help you get started!

Below you will find examples of some of the things we do to help businesses create and maintaining brand consistency.

Maine Afterschool Network 

Lovers & Monsters Show
Click each small photo to enlarge and read about certain aspect of building and maintain brand consistency.

Main Promotional Photo for Lovers & Monsters

Lovers & Monsters

Krisolyte Productions is pleased to announce a new musical production project called Lovers & Monsters.  Lovers & Monsters is a new cabaret show concept that mixes story with projected motion picture media, and a mixture of original music and beloved classics. Krisolyte Production is partnering with AK Touring to bring this new show concept to theaters around the U.S.  The show will be debuting in New York City in April. To learn more please visit

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